How to play dummy cards It is a card game that is very popular

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How to Play Dummy cards are a card game that players are increasingly playing around the world. Including Thailand, we have a different way of playing. But there is still a style of play that is similar to Kandam. Has arrived in Thailand and has not yet. There has been dumping However, in the era of King Rama 5 that started having poker cards for the first time. ทางเข้า UFABET

I can understand that Thai people’s English come up with a theme and rules, titled: Reinventing the dummy to become It is a fun activity to enjoy in Family and friends and is a game that continues to challenge. The minds of players to this day.

Basic principles of dummy cards in Thailand

1. Cards used to play dummy, we will use standard size 52 cards. 1 deck made of plastic, paper, it can be played but not fun.

2. Cards in order from 2 (smallest) to A (largest) are the same for all 4 sets of spades, spades, spades, asterisks.

3. There are 4 players handing out cards 7. 7 if playing 3 licenses 9 playing 2 people handing out leaflets 11 people playing full cards playing 4 people playing 2-3 people if playing

4. To play, the player must mix the cards in his hand to form a set of three or more cards. By drawing or collecting cards from the pile and flyers into a pile of 1 card. The player sets the cards in his hand. Finish first is the winner.

How to play dummy cards

A dummy is a card that follows a triple suit or arranges cards. To be yourself or others, for example 5-6-7 spades, dummy cards are 3-4 spades and 8-9 spades.

A strat is a player arranging their own cards or making a dutt in the deck or the remaining 1 card that is discarded into the deck to collect the cards. Get it all down and play your cards.

Point counting 2-9 All letters 5 points except 2 Sunflowers are worth 50 points, cards number 10 JQK 10 points each, except the number of posts is worth 50 points, and posters are worth 50 points if Players holding or trusting have the highest chance of gaining or losing points.

8. Stupid hit means a player hit on a card that has been pending play along with the player’s card.

Letters representing the cards on the side, if a player hits it will also create regrets, if one’s cards have more cards, it will be more difficult to play.

Playing the 4 player scorecard dummy system will score the scores in the running game, who will reach 500 before winning the part playing the system gets the winning game.

Once you’ve played the basics of dummy baccarat, you’ll be able to visualize playing dummy more clearly from playing the basic scorecard development. that is not difficult to learn to play dummy