How do dummy cards count points?

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However, when cards there is a “knock”, the decision will be made again by counting the scores of each card. Each of which the rules may not be the same. Usually most of the people who reach 500–1000 points will be the winner. สมัคร UFABET

Spato card ( 2 clubs , Ma’am Spade) 50 points
10 JQK cards (all flowers) except Ma’am Spade 10 points
2 to 9 cards (every suit) 5 points
Aces (all flowers) 15 Score
Head card (top card from the draw pile) 50 points

Vocabulary related to dummy

At this point, let’s look at another important part that every dummy beginner should know. Because they will always meet during playing this game.

and score the size of the dummy cards For players who want to win this kind of game. but do not know or understand this part It would be difficult.

Occurrence :

When a player picks up a card from the middle, it can turn the card in their hand into a face-up suit on the table. in which this set of cards must be of the type Sort and Three cards only

Deposit :

To renew or reduce a player’s hand. This can be done only when the other player is “born”, for example, if he has drawn 7 8 9 cards and you have 6 and 10, in this case the deposit will be made immediately.

Collecting cards:

The players collect cards from the pile that was left up to play Each time, only 1 card can be collected to play.


It only happens when any player A card has been drawn, card collection, deposited or by any means. Until he has only 1 card left in his hand, it will be considered the winner.

Dumb dump:

When any player have discarded until allowing other gamblers to collect their cards and knock them out will be called “stupid” or “dumbfounded”


A special card. Which gives you and a penalty, that is, 2 clubs and Q of spades, which when these 2 cards are in the midfield If someone accidentally discards the second card and the Mam card which is another flower down, 50 points will be deleted. Any player born, Triple 2, Tong Q, including 9 10 J cards, you can deposit and get 50 more points.


Any player Hold a sprite card in hand until there is a knockout winner.

Dark Knockout:

A player who The card is drawn and “knocked” wins even though it hasn’t been drawn yet. If so That player will immediately receive 100 points, especially if it is a dark knockout of the same color, all will receive a total of 200 points.

Discard Dummy :

If any player discards the card from the deposit, 50 points will be deducted.

Remember for newbies in playing dummy cards in the early stages, you may still encounter many obstacles in playing, however, “don’t worry” of this kind, it takes time and experience. through playing many times