Toulouse 3-2 Liverpool: Issues after the Reds’ defeat Europa League

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Toulouse 3-2 Liverpool: Issues after the Reds’ defeat in the Europa League, along with highlights of the match.

The Swans lost to Toulouse with a score of 3-2 despite still being at the top of the group. But the chances of qualifying for the next round starting to open up more for the home team. Who won today’s game. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Toulouse deserves to win.

If anyone watched the game today. It must said. That they were quite surprised by Toulouse’s performance in the first game. Where they were completely destroyed at Anfield. But in the end, they used their mistakes as lesson. Can edited directly In this game, they tried to play tightly before keeping the score and taking advantage of the mistakes of the Reds’ back line, which succeeded in taking the lead in the first 45 minutes.

After that, many people probably thought that the game would be Liverpool. Came back to open up the offensive game. But where was it? Toulouse turned to attack, repeating the same wound and as you can see, the visiting team’s defenders couldn’t handle it at all until they hit the second ball, even though Klopp’s team had a shallow attack. They went up 2-1 due to a mistake by the local defense that scored an own goal. But in the end, they had fun attacking and were hit by another goal, making it 3-1. Before Jota scored in the end of the game and ended with a score of 3-2, a type that can be said that Toulouse really deserved the 3 points more.

Liverpool defender in serious condition

In addition to setting up tactics to make it easy to catch the way. Rotating players who know that the quality is not up to standard for almost the entire team has an effect as seen. Especially the back line that today was completely attack. Even though the home team doesn’t have much of a chance. But each time I come, I always get water and meat. The important thing is that he is a Liverpool defender who makes many mistakes that are the source of lost goals. Matip is really the big brother but cannot control the defense. Quansah still lacks experience. Gomez fills in. Going to be a midfielder, Simikas can’t rely on anything, can’t attack, can’t defend well, can’t defend. Of course, seeing this, in January there must be at least one or two more defenders add, which would be great.

There was almost drama at the end of the game.

While the Reds narrowly advanced to 3-2, they had the strength to attack at the end of the game and were able to attack so hard that Toulouse could only kick and throw as far from the goal as possible. And then came the perfect moment during extra time where the ball wobbled around and came into Quansah’s way, hitting the net to successfully equalize for Liverpool, but… there was a signal from the VAR room and followed by a picture. A moment earlier, Alexis McAllister The ball accidentally hit his arm but that led to the opportunity to score a goal. Finally made after considering for a long time. The goal was then confiscated and sent to the local football fans. Who cheered loudly and their hearts were heavy.

The sergeant began to shake.

It looks like Liverpool’s entry into the knockout round will not strewn with rose petals. Because this round, if they want to enter the round automatically, they need to be the leader only. The second-placed team will advance to the play-off against the team that dropped out of the cup. Champions League After the game ended, the Reds were still the leader with 9 points from 4 games, followed by Toulouse with 7 points, followed by Union Saint Chillois with 4 points and LASK Linz. There are 3 points together, which means that the remaining 2 games will play in a relaxed manner. Klopp will have to focus more fully than before if he stumbles again and Toulouse wins them all. The leader also has the opportunity to change hands.