techniques for winning online Dragon Tiger bets

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Gambling games that have received a lot of Tiger Dragon online today at UFABET . We will introduce techniques to win online tiger dragon betting games to increase the chances of winning players’ bets. Let’s see how to bet on Tiger Dragon online. Make more money than lose money.

Dragon Tiger Online

The gambling game that everyone has heard of the name has to shout aloud all over the page is the online dragon tiger gambling game. It is a popular gambling game that has been very popular as ever. Today we will introduce how to play, techniques to win the game. Bet on Tiger and Dragon online, let’s take a look.

Techniques for betting

  • Odd card formula: During the first 50 eyes, it is a golden opportunity for us to bet even-odd. How to use the formula is to bet odd in the first 20 eyes to see the card, even bet in the next 20 eyes and then the last 10 eyes to bet on odd. This means that we have made a total of 30 odd bets to do this because there is a higher chance of an odd card drawn than if we were to play with 5 decks of cards.
  • Dragon’s Tail Formula Let’s see which side wins in a row for a long time from 3-4 rounds, then let us bet accordingly. Most of the dragon tail cards will be issued in a row for a maximum of 5-6 rounds.
  • Ping- Pong Formula :  Also known as alternating sides We’ll look at the card layout first, whether it’s alternating, losing or winning. If they are alternating, use a trap method, such as exiting a tiger, a dragon, a tiger. Next round, we stab a dragon and can wait.
  • Betting Formula: Because every gambling game has a House Edge value that helps online casinos have an advantage over us We therefore use this point to give us an advantage by betting on the banker’s side. But to use this formula, you need to see if the cards are on his side or not.