How to count baccarat points

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Total score count to count the results of the main points When both faces of cards are points that can be counted in play, for example 6 and 7, the total of the points obtained is 13, count only the unit digits. Will be equal to 3 points or J and 6. The sum of the points obtained will be equal to 6
– Natural or often called Pok cards when either side reveals the first 2 cards and has a total of 8 or 9
– La Petite (Lepe Tite) “Pok 8 ”
– Le Grande (Legrand) “Pok 9 ”
– Monkey (Monkey) Cards with a value of 0 are J , Q , K and 10.

Techniques and formulas for winning the game of Baccarat

  • Techniques for always looking at the back. Of the card It is a bet that allows us to observe the card. With previously released statistics Must be drawn in a row for a long time, 4 – 5 draws, for example, the cards are drawn in the manner of 10 J / 10 K / J k / QJ if issued in this manner Let us place a bet on a tie. It has more than 70-85% effect on winning.
  • Looking at the card layout, even pattern, odd pattern. Let us bet according to that card.
  • The technique of viewing the 3 row card layout is a very popular view of the card layout. By observing this card layout before placing a bet Let us observe the previous 3 rows of cards. What is the frontmost body, and then let us stab at that body.
  • pairing By placing at the card layout that wins even numbers. Such as which side has won 2 4 6 8, we can bet on the Player, having a chance of winning up to 98%.
  • Following the layout of ping pong cards. There is a winning card layout. alternating designs This deck is considered the easiest to read. and have the easiest chance of winning
  • Following the layout of the dragon card It is an easy-to-read card layout. It is a very popular card layout.
  • Online gambling techniques, look at the card layout, 2 cut 1, for example, if either side wins 2 times, the third eye lets us choose to go down according to the winning side. ทางเข้า UFABET

Baccarat Formula

  • Bet on the “Dragon” formula, that is, the same color results are repeated more than 4 times or more, so most gamblers are called “Dragons”.
  • Betting on the “ping-pong” formula, that is, the results come out alternately – come and go, for example the Banker results alternate with the Player back and forth – like playing table tennis.
  • Betting on the “pair card” formula is to bet money into the pair card slot. Most of the same players usually put only 10%. If the first 2 cards come out the same, they will receive a multiplier of 11 times. For example, bet on a pair of blue cards 10 baht and the cards turn out to be 4 and 4, you will get a multiplier of 11. immediately
  • Bet on the “Tie” formula, the result is always drawn out very often. The method is that every time you bet Always stick to it. I repeat, just 10 baht is more than enough. If the result is always, you get the full 80 baht.