Dede pointed out that “Varane” is still good even with a bad start

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France coach Didier Deschamps has defended Rafael Varane despite a poor start to his first season at Manchester United.

The centre-back recently moved from Real Madrid to Old Trafford in the summer of last year. With a fee of around 34 million pounds with a four-year contract

, but Varane faced a difficult first season with the “Red Devils” with injuries that disturbed him until he made only 22 appearances in the Premier League. However, Varane

was also called by Deschamps as a “chicken badge” in the national team game next month. Which the coach commented that this season’s performance does not reflect the true ability of the 29-year-old defender.

“He is not in the best form. But is his club in the best form? It wasn’t the happiest time,” he said, according to UFABET .

“But other than that, Rafael has had a great journey with us. He had shown enough what he could do. It’s up to him to turn the situation around or not.”

Varane must start again next season. Under the new manager Erik Ten Hag, it is estimated that United may draw a defender to add to the army. They are reportedly planning to sign Yerrian Timber from Ajax Amsterdam.