Rules and methods of playing Baccarat Cow Cow

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It is the easiest to understand baccarat card game. Suitable for newbies who are learning to play. online baccarat but still not counting cards accurately. Playing big cards, not being able to small cards The rules are simple. is to choose which side will win by playing with cow baccarat That will have a fast playing rate. Not long like normal baccarat itself. As for winning and losing, it’s decided to get points from the cards you get. The lowest point is 0, the highest is 9. To get a 9 8 face out of two cards. Forcing your opponent to not draw more cards. You get a 9 face card but the other side gets 5 from the deal, you win the game immediately. The points from the count are as follows. สมัคร UFABET

A = 1 point Numeric points represent the value of that number JKQ = 0 points have no value

Advantages of playing Baccarat Cow Cow

Cow Cow Baccarat playing cards are suitable for newbies or those. Who are new to counting cards for those who do not want to play big or small cards. By playing that uses only 1 deck of cards to memorize cards. easy But in exchange for waiting time to change decks to play and check. The chance of a draw is less than that of playing baccarat normally. Suitable for people who do not always think to bet on cards, get money, accumulate balance quickly

Techniques for playing baccarat cards cow cow

For newbies who learn to count the cards Start writing down the cards that were issued on a piece of paper. By keeping in mind that 1 card has 4 flowers. For example if a lot of numbered cards come out. then show that there is a chance that the next round of cards. Will be a draw It makes it easier for you to calculate the play. For example, the number of cards 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 has come out in large numbers. Shows that in the remaining pile is the most 9 cards, the chances of getting a 9 both sides colliding is high. But on the other hand, using 1 deck of cards to open a draw chance is still considered less than playing with normal baccarat cards that use 4-8 decks to play.