Nkunku urges Chelsea to take a pile of homework from Anfield to solve the task.

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Christopher Nkunku, Chelsea striker expressed his disappointment in yesterday’s 1-4 loss to Liverpool. seeing it as a good reflection for the team to take its shortcomings and build on them. To raise the level of form to be able to climb up the scoreboard.

‘The Blues’ who have won 3 consecutive league games must return to the real world when visiting Anfield. The obvious flaw is that the one-on-one duels with the opponent were burned to the ground in both offense and defense. ทางเข้า UFABET 

That hurt the 26-year-old forward even more than being denied a penalty because of being held back by rival defender Virgil van Dijk. 

“We feel sad because we lost a game we wanted to win.” Nkunku said on Chelsea TV.

“Lost three goals to the opponent first. It will be very difficult to find a way to come back and get the results you want. I think we need to train harder. And come back to recover a strong performance in the next game on Sunday.” 

“I think we need to fight each other about everything. Must be more dedicated in every hour of the game. We need to push the intensity of our play hard.” 

“Even the personality of the team. We need to be more serious on the pitch to win games. I knew from the beginning that playing at that stadium would be difficult to overcome. But we can do better than that.” 

Chelsea allowed Liverpool to tempt the target in the 13th box out of 28 opportunities to pull the trigger. Unlike themselves, who scored only 3 out of 4 opportunities. In the next game, the ‘ Sing Blues ‘ return to play at Stamford Bridge meets Wolves ( 4 Feb. )