Grading Liverpool players losing to Toulouse 3-2: Player Ratings

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Grading Liverpool players in the UEFA Europa League game, losing to Toulouse 3-2: Player Ratings.

The Reds were defeated by Toulouse in France 3-2. Extending the life of the famous French team to still have chance advance knockout round. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Liverpool player ratings

Queen Kelleher – 5

Had a hard time lately. Plus, each goal conceded was too difficult to help the team.

Joel Matip – 5

was hit hard, hit only on counter-attacks. Standing in a less advantageous position Today he could hardly help control the defensive game.

Jarrell Quansah – 5

seems to have a clear problem when dealing with rough balls. Still need to gain a lot of experience. There was a chance to add in a shot at the end of the game but was caught by handball first.

Joe Gomez – 5

takes on the role of inverted full-back. Supporting the game, cutting the game in the middle of the field But today he still couldn’t help the team much, especially in the defensive game.

Kostas Tsimikas – 5

Another day where he couldn’t show his form. Even though there is a chance to add some attacking games But he couldn’t create any opportunities for the team. He also lost the ball and was the source of the first goal.

Alexis Mac Allister – 7

received the opportunity to start. Because in the league game there will be a ban. Waiting to shape the game in the middle of the field but still not being able to do it very well due to being stuck together, but had 1 assist from paying Jota to drag him in to shoot.

Waru Endo – 5

had a hard job cutting through the midfield game and received a yellow card early on. Plus, after that there was a scary foul moment until Klopp decided to replace him from the break.

Harvey Elliott – 5

Even though he got to play with some bad football, he still didn’t create as many opportunities for the team as he should have. Overall, it doesn’t seem to bring much benefit to the team.

Luis Diaz – 6

tried to build a game on the left side. But today I still mostly played with the ball outside the danger zone.

Ben Doak – 6

tries to feed himself Some moments were beautifully done. But sometimes it seems too forced. before being substituted at halftime

Cody Gakpo – 5

roles with quite a few games. To get the ball, you have to move down low. But he was trapped and it was difficult to do anything