Stress relief foods.

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Working age like us working for 5 consecutive days. Where will the job be assessed again? Must be very stress for many people, right? So let’s find a way to relieve stress easily. By eating better stress relief food

Brown rice, coarse rice and whole wheat bread.  It is a stress-relieving food that provides the type of carbohydrates. That are good for the body. affect energy levels and blood sugar. Helps to cause enthusiasm for the work of the body. Make the brain function highly efficient UFABET

Avocados: Avocados  contain vitamin B9 to help relieve fatigue. Makes it a great stress reliever 

Fish oil  contains omega-3 fatty acids that help improve brain function. And reduces make the mood cooler. Foods high in fish oil include mackerel, sardines, mackerel, tuna, and salmon

Fruits  and Legumes Contains antioxidants It helps you feel relaxed, relieves and resists substances that are toxic to the body.

Milk and egg yolks  contain B vitamins. Which plays an important role in providing energy to the brain and nervous system. Because while stressed, the brain consumes enormous amounts of energy. Vitamin B in the body is used up quickly. Adding B vitamins to your body provides essential nutrients to your brain refreshing Energetic.