Fish oil.

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Although fish oil is very safe, children can take it and adults can take it well. There are still a few precautions that should be taken into account. And study it before you run out and buy food it to eat.

People who regularly consume. There will be an increased risk of bleeding. Because of omega-3 In fish oil, it has properties to prevent platelet aggregation. And slow down the bleeding. Therefore, people who are at risk of bleeding. Such as those who are about to undergo surgery. People with stomach ulcers a person who drinks a lot of alcohol or those who take drugs. Such as aspirin or warfarin that has properties to reduce blood clotting. You may need to take with caution. If you are going to have surgery. You should inform your doctor first that you are taking. And you should stop taking fish oil at least 14 days before surgery UFABET

Some people may have an allergic reaction. Because fish oil comes from marine fish. People allergic to seafood Or those who are allergic to fish. There may be a possibility of being allergic to fish oil, causing nausea, vomiting, stomach pain or diarrhea as well. But if you don’t have any allergic reactions. But there are still such symptoms. This may be corrected by taking immediately after meals. Or start by taking small amounts of fish oil first.

People who already have low blood pressure. You may need to be careful when taking. Because has properties to lower blood pressure already.

If you take in excess of the prescribed dosage. This may increase the amount of calories we should be getting per day. until it may adversely affect the body in return. That is, the risk of bad fat content and increased cholesterol and may cause a decrease in vitamin E in the body.